I am an avid waterfowler that has spent countless hours in the field, hunting in northwestern Pennsylvania and various other parts of the country. This has allowed me to do two main things that help ensure that you get the highest quality trophy possible.

The first is having intimate knowledge about most species of waterfowl and upland birds, including how they look and act in the wild. I take this knowledge and apply it to my art. This enables me to produce the most “naturalistic” looking trophy and mount it in a way that you will be able to cherish for years to come.

The second is that being an avid waterfowler, I know how special a mounted trophy is for you. Whether it’s a fully plumed mature canvasback drake you had waited years for, a cherished labs final retrieve, or your child’s first bufflehead taken over decoys, I understand the importance and the trust you put into me to produce a high quality mount that will preserve those memories. I handle them all the same way, with the care and attention to detail, that only someone who has a passion for bird hunting can do.

Over the years, I have won many awards including the National Taxidermy Association (N.T.A.) Award of Excellence in waterfowl taxidermy. In addition, I have also garnered numerous “Best of Show” at the state, regional and national level. To me however, the greatest reward is to be able to produce a mounted trophy that will give my clients many years of satisfaction and memories.